relevance of the content on your site to the search terms

Search Engine Optimisation

Ultimately the key to ensuring your website ranks well is to ensure it contains lots of unique content and that you are actively promoting this content on a continual basis.

There is no dark art to SEO these days, it's all very scientific. Your site will be ranked based on:

  • The relevance of the content on your site to the search terms (known as the keywords).
  • The popularity of your site measured by the number of visitors.
  • The popularity of your site measured by the number of incoming links to it.
  • How easily search engines can scan your content and gather the information that is relevant.
  • Technical features such as security, loading speed and user-friendliness.

Our SEO work targets all of these areas as explained below.

identify words that are frequently searched for

Step 1. Build a keyword list

Building a list of keywords is important as we use this list to conduct our visibility and ranking audits.

We take a list of words provided by you, the expert in your field. 

We then use a range of software tools that can identify additional keywords that are frequently used in searches and we will analyse their efficiency for SEO and PPC (pay per click advertising).

This process is important to identify words that are frequently searched for, but are not already targeted by your competitors. In other words, if you can include these words in your content, then you are more likely to turn up near the top of the results page when people search for them.

analysis of your top 5 competitors

Step 2. Competitor Analysis

We will conduct an analysis of your top 5 competitors. These will be identified by you, and/or by searching for your keywords in local search engines. 

We will determine for each competitor:

  • An analysis of their website page structure to reveal the titles, meta descriptions and H1 tags they are using.
  • An analysis of the tools they use for on page digital marketing.
  • An analysis of the backlink to their website and identification of those links that are providing good SEO value to them. This is an opportunity to approach the same websites to get your site listed. 
  • The domain strength of each competitor compared to your site's domain strength. 
  • A comparison of the visibility of these competitors for the keywords that you targetting.
optimised for your keywords

Step 3. Visibility Audit


We will analyse the main pages of your site with regards to our newly developed keyword list and identify pages that are not optimised for your keywords.  

We will present the results in a report so that you may update the written content on the website to optimise each page more effectively for keywords. We will assist with inserting the missing keywords in the technical areas of the site not manageable by you (in the page titles, page descriptions and image description tags). 


We will conduct a full link audit of your site to identify your inbound links as well as those of your competitors. We will present the results in a report with recommendations of where you may look for better link sources.


We will conduct a full assessment of the ranking and domain strength of your website to set a baseline for us to work up from. If you opt for the monthly updates then we can assess the improvements made by your site. We will also provide analysis of your competitors for comparison.

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